Realization About the Online Business

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After reading the hard facts about online business, I had a couple of realizations.  I think I was even able to ponder about life and the hierarchy of people’s needs.

Pressure, more specifically, the pressure to earn money because you don’t have anything to eat and a pack of lenders hounding you, is not really helpful unless it drives us to change something for the better.  For example, because of that pressure, you learned to come on time and impress so as not to lose your job.

If that pressure just racks up your brain, destroys your confidence and forces you to come up with money fast, without the needed resources, it more often debilitates.  What are we talking about here?  Let’s say you don’t know where you’ll get money, but what you’re sure is that you definitely need money for you and the family.  But, you are stuck in the university, with the course requirements and you can’t move with only enough money for a jeepney ride home.

Sure, there’s a pressure, but there must be a reasonable way to tackle that pressure.  In the previous example, the person has to give up studying or he has to ask someone for help to be able to make a move.  Otherwise, he’ll just get crazy trying to keep everything and still earn a living.

This is why asking the Lord to not make us super rich that we no longer rely on God or super poor that we’re compelled to steal and sin, is such a wise prayer.  I’m quite far from those extremes.  In the past, I couldn’t help but envy those born into a well-off family, with connections and with everything he/she needs to make it in life.  What a good life!  I tried to formulate business ideas and work hard as I battled with those thoughts.

But now, I’ve realized that it’s not productive to look at other people’s lives because they’re just different and God had a different purpose in their lives.  Like Paul, I’ve learned to be content and happy in any situation.

Starting an internet business could be difficult, but it could even get more difficult in making it progress.  I’ve read that most successful internet entrepreneurs have been running their websites for years before they even picked up the pace.

For me, ti could be even more challenging because I’m trying to penetrate the Japanese market.  If it’s not hard enough to learn about SEO, building traffic and selling in the English language, I have to learn them in Japanese.  Well, I’ve always been looking for challenges, so maybe this is God’s way of granting my wish.  Oh, and I remember what Peter Tan-Chi said about conflicts and problems.  I didn’t hear it personally but Mom shared to me.  Everytime he encounters conflicts and problems, he gets excited because he knows God will solve it and that he’ll learn something new.  So, I think I’m going to do the same.

Yes, I do have needs and wants, and sometimes I tend to get addicted – thinking only about my goal all the time.  I came to understand why it’s important for us to identify our motives everytime we do something.  As children of God, we’re not mainly concerned about our own success, but with how we’re serving God’s purpose.  It’s more important to know why we’re doing what we’re doing, not just what we’re doing.  Perhaps my previous motivation was just to overtake a certain group or person, but what good does it do to me.  I was just misguided.  I made up my mind and now I am happy where God put me.  If he ever put a desire in my heart, I’m sure He did it for a reason and I’m going to do my best with what is presented to me today.  I’m working at my own pace with God – and waiting on Him.


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