The Lord’s Humility and Propriety – Ed Lapiz

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If we lack love and love affair with the Lord, that’s where problems arise.

When we’re asked why we love someone, we usually give characters of a person.  God’s characters are humility and kindness.

Maps seem to be impractical and often don’t lead us to the right direction.  But God’s map is different.  He has been there, done that, so whatever directions He gives, we can be sure that He has also passed through them and tested them.

The Lord’s humility exalted Him.

A person can only be known by his fruits.  Don’t be deceived by his promises, his potential.  You will know him through his past, achievements and what he has overcome.

Don’t make God’s servant comes to you unless you are bed-ridden or in prison.  On all other instances, you go to the servant of God, just like Jesus did.  Let your John minister to you, no matter how superior you may feel or you may think yourself.  Or no matter how superior you really are.  Even though you have a PhD in English, don’t let your education hinder you from listening to a teacher who can’t pronounce f clearly.

John’s qualifications are so far from Jesus, and yet Jesus asked him to minister to Him.

Obey your leaders and submit to their authority.  Whoever aspires to be a leader must be obedient first to his leader.  It could be tempting to put our trust on them but don’t be deceived by good promises and words.  Even Hitler was so good in persuasion that so many people got killed.

Many Christians are so casual.  They obey only when convenience allows.  They obey only as they deem fit.  That’s why the power of the church is minimized.  When there’s insubordination in an organization, it collapses.

Do not desire to be above others.  Compete in humility.  In marriage, spouses fall in love with those who are humble.  So, if you want to maintain your relationship, outdo one another in being humble.

The more specialist you become in one area, the less you know about areas outside your expertise.  You won’t have time to study other things.

A leader can only bring his people up to where he can go.  Respect God’s chosen servants.  Many Christians engage in one-way relationships.  Their motto: Give me.

The Lord showed the way.  He got His feet wet.  Through his actions we should learn and do  what is proper.  For we are taking pains in doing what is right not only in the eyes of men but also in the eyes of God.

If society recognizes you as intelligent and able but you submit to the leader/teacher, you give him encouragement.  If there is glory in your personality, rub the gold on others.  If you think you are very good, encourage those who are starting, don’t kill their dreams.

Jesus respected the system.  Like Jesus, let’s be more personal, more lovable by our correctness and properness.  We should recognize the humble and not abuse them.  Our glory, strength, influence and power are just entrusted to us by the Lord.

Satan wants us proud because when we are, nobody likes us.  When nobody likes us, we become alone.  And it’s easier for Satan to attack us when we are.


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    We don’t have to make the same mistakes those before us made so we could learn the lesson, we simply have to listen to and apply their advice.


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