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The Hidden Wealth

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Tyranny of the Urgent. These days, we spend our days trying to finish the urgent, but neglect the important.

Money is only important to those who don’t have it.  Ang pera, importante lang sa walang pera. It’s not that money is useless, but it’s useless to exchange our souls, our families for  it.

ABS-CBN – alak, babae, sugal, cabaret, bar,

You don’t pray to change God’s mind, but pray in accordance to His will

Compared to the kingdom of God, everything is nothing, nothing can be everything.

The size of a man’s heart can be measured by the things that make him angry.

A one-half Christian is a whole nonsense. When it comes to the Lord – it’s everything or nothing.

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The Other Lost Son

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Things usually come in pairs.  For every right, there’s a left.  The story of the prodigal son talks about two sons, who in turn represent two types and archetypes of people.

Most of us are familiar with this story where one son asked for all his inheritance and squandered it all away in a foreign country.

Two sons were lost.  How was the other son lost when he had always been home, working with his father?

1. He didn’t find pleasure in seeing his brother back.  He didn’t count him a brother or himself part of the family.  He didn’t become happy when he saw his father happy.  He also refused to participate in the merriment.

2. He enumerated his good deeds to his father and

3. He never knew about his father’s generosity, kindness and graciousness even after years of being with him.  He never even tried to ask for anything.  In other words, the prodigal son knew about his father’s goodness better than the other one.  He didn’t even try because he didn’t think his father was generous enough.

The relationship between the other lost son and the father was premised on formality and legality.  He depended on works, not grace.  Meanwhile, the relationship of the father to the prodigal son was based on grace.  Even though he was lost, he never doubted that his father would accept him.

When you don’t ask for something you want or expect to be given and later on bring up how you’ve worked hard and given so much, the good things you did were already repaid.

There are those who keep asking and believe God to be gracious and generous, even as they don’t do much.  There are also those who deprive themselves, thinking that they could earn points to deserve the goodness of God.

Both sons were lost.  One was physically lost, the other spiritually lost.  Anumang buti ang ginagawa, pag sinumbat, bayad na.

This could also be compared to husbands and wives whose hearts are far away from each other.

Signs of Being Lost

1. unhappy disposition

2. legalism

It’s more deceiving to see a physically lost person than those who are physically near but spiritually lost.  It’s sometimes easier for the truly sinful than the spiritual leaders.

Don’t expect a royal welcome when you come back.

God loves us infinitely more than we can imagine.

Are we sensitive to the people around us? May mga taong kailangang alukin at bigyan ng assurance.  Ipadama, ipaalam, ipabatid ang pagmamahal.

Ang pangunahing misperception ay hindi sila mahal.

Malayo ba ang loob natin sa ‘di dapat layuan?

Sariwain kung bakit ba tayo naglilingkod sa Panginoon.

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The Silence of Noah

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Jesus modeled empathy and compassion.
Throughout the bible, we’re told it is blessed to mourn with those who mourn.

1. But at times, we might forget to intercede for people.
Jesus interceded for those who fell to sexual immorality.
Kapag may mataas na posisyon, pananagutan din para alagaan ang pinangungunahan.  We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak.

2. Walang magulang na mamasamain ang pakiusap para sa kapatid, kahit pa salungat sa saloobin ng magulang.  Ganito rin ang Panginoon kung pinapakiusap natin ang ating mga kapatid na nagkamali.
May hapdi pa ba pag nakakakita ng taong puro putik ang katawan? Minsan namamanhid na tayo sa hirap ng iba. Basta ligtas ka sa bahay mo at kasama ang pamilya mo, ayos na kahit na may mamatay sa bakuran mo.
3. We may forget to rescue peole from death, harm, destruction.
Yung sinumpa ni Noah ang naging batayan ng tao sa Middle East para kumuha ng alipin (apo).  Ito rin ang dahilan kaya naging Alipin ang nasa Africa.  The whites were never bothered by slavery because it’s not them.
Do not neglect man’s mysterious capacity to move God’s hands through prayer.
Ang panalangin ay nagpapalubag ng loob. panalanging taos-puso
appeals to God’s love. When you appeal, He can’t resist that appeal.
4. Don’t be self-righteous, judgmental.
Those who are endowed with health, peacefulness, gracious.
5. Sariwaan ang pagiging tao na naipapahayag sa pakikipagkapwa-tao.
Nadadama ang lungkot ng magulang na naligaw ang anak
6. Speak for the oppressed, nurse the wounded.
Christians are the only people who kill the wounded – pag-uusapan, kakawawain, ititiwalag.
Compassion is a component of all great religions.

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The Meaning and Fruit of Loving Jesus

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Fruits of Loving Jesus – Loving Him is obeying Him

1. Being given the counselor or the Holy Spirit.  Its presence is progressive.  The more you love Jesus, the more the degree of presence of the Holy Spirit increases.  It’s related to our direct obedience to the Lord.  Only in obedience will you put yourself in the line of blessings.

2. Peace  – being taught by God’s spirit and being reminded of who Jesus is.  It’s not the absence of problems, but the realization of how big our God is.  It’s directly related to obedience.

3. Knowing Christ more.  He himself will make Himself known to you by helping you understand His teachings and guiding you with the Holy Spirit.

4. Being approached and visited by God

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Quotes from Ed Lapiz

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If you can’t sleep by counting the sheep, talk to the shepherd.

Sino’ng nagpahirap sa iyo noon at ginagantihan mo ang buong planeta.

Give more time, more attention.  Give more understanding, affection, love.  We should also be more open to receive such things.

We’re kind, kinder than what we show to people.  But oftentimes, we hide it because we’re afraid of being taken advantage of.  Show to other human beings what is soft and beautiful about our personalities.  We should let go and love more and give more and receive more.

We have more capacity to give many things than we are doing now.

Kung may isinuksok, may mabubunot.  This is not only applicable to savings, but also to relationships or emotional bank account.  It’s akin to what Dad calls good will

Ang kahoy na liko’t baluktot, hutukin hanggang malambot.  Kung lumaki at tumayog, mahirap na ang paghutok.

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Problems Faced by Filipino Families – Ed Lapiz

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Today, around 10% of the Filipino population is working abroad.  This is the reason why so many Filipino families only have one parent at home. Marcos and Ople made it a policy to export labor.  There was social unrest because of the lack of jobs.  But now, thousands, even millions of Filipinos are raring to go abroad.  While some have contemplated staying in the country after saving money, some things hold them back.  Materialism is often at the top of it.  The desire to live a luxurious life forces parents to leave their families just so they can provide for their wants.


1. Avoid the extreme.  You can enjoy life even without wearing branded clothes or luxurious things.

2. Work to live, not live to work.

3. Don’t bite advertising.

4. Don’t always follow trends.

5. Take a stand

Ang kagandahan, nagpapalit ng kahulugan.

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The Marks of the Righteous – Ed Lapiz

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1. The righteous person has wisdom with words. A person can be scholarly, but not necessarily righteous.  If the hearers become upset, agitated, the words are not coming from a righteous person.  The truly righteous don’t just talk, ask

2. The plans of the righteous are just, but the advice of the wicked is deceitful. They don’t withhold good from those who deserve it.

3. The righteous care about justice for the poor.

4. The righteous hate what is false and detest the dishonest.

5. The righteous man leads an upright and blameless life.  Ultimately, the lifestyle becomes the test of righteousness, not eloquence, nor fame.  The children of the righteous are blessed.  It’s sad how many parents make the mistakes of stealing, practicing corruption and taking advantage of the weak, in order to give their children a good life.

6. Generosity is another mark of righteousness.  The righteous knows that when he gives to those who are in deeper need, there’s a God in heaven who will provide for his needs.  Others couldn’t help the needy because they worry too much about tomorrow.  Even if a person is a great scholar and he’s not generous, it’s doubtful whether he’s righteous.

7. The righteous are bold.  They speak with power – because the truth is powerful.  Righteousness will always prevail because God is righteous and He reigns.  How can you be apologetic with the truth?  Sometimes, there’s a price to pay for boldness.  But there’s even a higher price to pay for silence when one should have spoken.

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The Lord’s Touch – Ed Lapiz

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T – The touch of God transforms.  Transformation totally changes

Reformation, without transformation is useless.  There can be a religious experience, without God’s touch.  People who change and then go back to their ways are merely reformed, not transformed.  When God transforms us, we become legally holy.  We also become actually holy.

Those in the light are not content when they stumble, they always seek to stand up.

If we can’t really enjoy wrong-doing, we’ve been transformed.  No one who meets the Lord remains the same.

O – The touch of the lord ordains.  Every person the Lord touches, He gives a mission, a purpose.  It’s something that when we look back, we can be sure that our life was meant for it.  Once you’re called, you can’t just ignore it.  There are main ministries and seasonal ones.  The Lord does not ordain you every time you read the bible.

If you don’t answer God’s call, you are cheating everyone.  Sadly, there are people in the church who don’t follow their calling.  If you are called, it simply means that the church has a need.  Eventually, others will do it.

When the Lord calls, He equips.  Esther has gone through so much, even became the queen, only to ask the king to save her race.  There are few moments that bring opportunities for heroes to rise.  Those who overcome their fear, neglect comfort and security to

There’s no calling greater than the calling of the Almighty.

U – The Lord’s touch unifies.

C – The Lord’s touch conquers.  It conquers our weaknesses and fears.  God’s touch makes us conquerors of the unsaved.  It also makes us conquerors of the evil one.

H – God’s touch heals.  It heals pain.  Akala ng iba balbon ka, pero puro ka para peklat dahil sa kakukurot ng tiya mong masungit.

There was this man named Boy Bilibid.  He was head of a big gang and he receives 10% of the gang’s earnings.  He’s a handsome guy.  He killed someone but it couldn’t be proved.  That person’s wife hated him so much and was willing to spend everything she has just to get justice.

Boy Bilibid could have said.  There’s only one hearing left.  His family spent all they have just to set him free.  But, having met Christ, he decided to tell the truth.  One day, Boy Bilibid saw the wife.  She talked to her and admitted the wrongdoing.

In short, Boy Bilibid went into prison.  Not all who do the right thing ends up with a Cinderella story.  When we do good, there are times when it seems one step backward.  His family put all the blame in him and chastised him.  Don’t expect God to come down from heaven and reward you for every little thing you do.

Just before the year ends, he saw his friend running fast.  The friend gave him a newspaper saying the president pardoned him.

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The Lord’s Humility and Propriety – Ed Lapiz

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If we lack love and love affair with the Lord, that’s where problems arise.

When we’re asked why we love someone, we usually give characters of a person.  God’s characters are humility and kindness.

Maps seem to be impractical and often don’t lead us to the right direction.  But God’s map is different.  He has been there, done that, so whatever directions He gives, we can be sure that He has also passed through them and tested them.

The Lord’s humility exalted Him.

A person can only be known by his fruits.  Don’t be deceived by his promises, his potential.  You will know him through his past, achievements and what he has overcome.

Don’t make God’s servant comes to you unless you are bed-ridden or in prison.  On all other instances, you go to the servant of God, just like Jesus did.  Let your John minister to you, no matter how superior you may feel or you may think yourself.  Or no matter how superior you really are.  Even though you have a PhD in English, don’t let your education hinder you from listening to a teacher who can’t pronounce f clearly.

John’s qualifications are so far from Jesus, and yet Jesus asked him to minister to Him.

Obey your leaders and submit to their authority.  Whoever aspires to be a leader must be obedient first to his leader.  It could be tempting to put our trust on them but don’t be deceived by good promises and words.  Even Hitler was so good in persuasion that so many people got killed.

Many Christians are so casual.  They obey only when convenience allows.  They obey only as they deem fit.  That’s why the power of the church is minimized.  When there’s insubordination in an organization, it collapses.

Do not desire to be above others.  Compete in humility.  In marriage, spouses fall in love with those who are humble.  So, if you want to maintain your relationship, outdo one another in being humble.

The more specialist you become in one area, the less you know about areas outside your expertise.  You won’t have time to study other things.

A leader can only bring his people up to where he can go.  Respect God’s chosen servants.  Many Christians engage in one-way relationships.  Their motto: Give me.

The Lord showed the way.  He got His feet wet.  Through his actions we should learn and do  what is proper.  For we are taking pains in doing what is right not only in the eyes of men but also in the eyes of God.

If society recognizes you as intelligent and able but you submit to the leader/teacher, you give him encouragement.  If there is glory in your personality, rub the gold on others.  If you think you are very good, encourage those who are starting, don’t kill their dreams.

Jesus respected the system.  Like Jesus, let’s be more personal, more lovable by our correctness and properness.  We should recognize the humble and not abuse them.  Our glory, strength, influence and power are just entrusted to us by the Lord.

Satan wants us proud because when we are, nobody likes us.  When nobody likes us, we become alone.  And it’s easier for Satan to attack us when we are.

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The Hard Work and Good Fruit of Holy Living – Ed Lapiz

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It’s natural for us to sin – it’s easier for us to do.

1. Focus on heavenly things.

2. Defocus on earthly things.  It’s not sinful to want to eat delicious nata de coco or wear beautiful clothes.  It only becomes sinful when it leads to us stealing or feeling discontent without certain things. Starve the sinful nature, not the body itself.

Sexual immorality, lust desire, greed, anger, malice, filthy language

3. Listen to your conscience, or it will harden (become manhid).

4. Clothe yourself with compassion, kindness and gentleness.  As God’s chosen people, holy and dearly-loved.  Since you received love from God, you must also love people.  Loving people is a difficult thing to do.

Why?  When you love, you avoid doing sinful things. You gloss over your loved ones’ mistakes and focus on their strengths. Wives who love their husbands so much diminish their big accomplishments and successes to make their husbands look big.

It’s difficult to obey the Lord, but it’s harder to follow Satan.

5.  Become more loving.  Focus on the person’s lovable qualities.

6. If you do all these things, you’ll have peace.  Peace is brought about by contentment and thankfulness.

7. Don’t control or manipulate all things.  Don’t always actively try and rearrange things.

8.  Determine what and what’s not important.

During the time of the Japanese, Filipinos were able to make cars run using coconut oil.  But after the war, it stopped because government officials receive kickback when there are huge imports.  We started importing oil.

9.  Don’t worry about harvests.  Worry about what you plant.  Work hard on planting and you’ll get the fruits of such hard work.

We’ll experience hardships in life anyway, so it’s better to do good things and suffer knowing that you’ll reap good fruits.

What you plant is what you harvest.  If you want your life to become orderly, make others lives orderly.  If you want someone to help you, help others.  If you make things happen for others, God will make things happen for you.

10.  Don’t just focus on the here and now.  If it will not be important after 10 million years, let it go.

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